A comic about new love, time, and rocks. 7" x 10", riso-printed in two colors by Woolly Press of Asheville, North Carolina, with the help of a grant from Koyama Provides. 32 pages, shipped flat via USPS. All copies sold come with a small sketch.

Image of DIARY COMICS Collected Edition
DIARY COMICS Collected Edition $5.00 On Sale

5" x 6.5"
236 b&w pages

Collects Diary Comics 1-4, edited down somewhat to make for a cohesive whole, and includes a new 17-page introduction. All copies come with a small sketch on the dedication page, and can be personalized upon request.

Image of LUMBERJACKS: At Work And Play!
LUMBERJACKS: At Work And Play! $5.00

A 36-page b&w collection of ink lumberjacks, including numerous character studies for a (one day, by God) Paul Bunyan book I've been planning for a billion years. Many ridiculous, lumpy dummies to be found, as well as their cheerful woodland companions, who all seem totally on board for some reason. NOTE that this is a preorder (I'm still printing and folding and stapling and trimming and so forth). Books will begin shipping around October 1st.

Image of DIARY COMICS #5

4.25" x 5.5", hand published and assembled
color covers with 44 page black and white interior

Collecting diary strips dating from 2015 through May 2016.

Image of DIARY COMICS #6

The sixth volume of my diary comics, and obvs the best one yet. Contains comics from May 2016 to April 2017, including the long story "Small Enough," which takes up most of the book.

4.125" x 5.5"
56 pages b&w with color covers
printed and assembled by me with the generous assistance of Koyama Press.