• Image of DIARY COMICS #4
  • Image of DIARY COMICS #4
  • Image of DIARY COMICS #4

88 pages
Color covers with French flaps
black and white interior
published by Koyama Press
ISBN: 978-0-9879630-3-1

The latest in my series of autobiographical comics, and the first to leave behind the daily-diary model in favor of more sprawling explorations of self and perception and important stuff like that (don't worry there's still some banal stuff too). If you've never read the previous 3, it's not at all necessary, plus bonus: this one's much better. 88 pages of black and white inkwash comics, culminating in the 38 page story BOXES. Interiors professionally printed here in Charlotte, with covers printed, scored, folded, and attached by me and my girlfriend, for that lovingly hand-assembled feel you've come to adore.

For an extra $5 I'll do a nice sketch for you on the title page, in the blank panel you can see in that picture there. Books will begin shipping after SPX (September 15-16 2012) where it will debut at the Koyama Press table.


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