• Image of HOUR DRAWINGS
  • Image of HOUR DRAWINGS

Formerly "one hour" drawings, but it's been so long since one of these took just an hour that it seems unreasonable to keep calling them that. In the 2.5 years since I started doing these, I've done over 200, which you can see here.

Here's how it works:

1) For $100 + shipping, I'll draw for no less than an hour, and probably closer to two or three. Or whatever I feel like really. No guarantees of anything but "at least an hour;" but my goal is to make a cool drawing you will like. It'll be on an 8" x 10" piece of Strathmore 500 bristol, usually in ink but occasionally with some simple watercolors added if I think that's best within reasonable time constraints.

2) You may--and are even encouraged to--make a very broad, simple suggestion. For instance, "romance" or "alligator" would be just fine. "Alligator In Space Playing Checkers" is way too specific and complex. I reserve the right to refuse any suggestion out of hand--if so I'll contact you and let you know. The point is for you to have some input, but also just to get my brain computer working. But too specific--or more importantly, not interesting--suggestions do the opposite, and usually end up in crummy drawings. I'm not judging your suggestion, I just want you to be happy with the result.

To make a subject suggestion, just type it into the "instructions to seller" space during Paypal checkout. Or email me directly at dustyATdharbinDOTcom with the suggestion. Make sure your Paypal address is updated for shipping purposes--or if you'd like me to ship it to a different address, say if it's a gift, I'm happy to, just make sure it's clear what the new address is.

3) No sexy stuff. Sorry! Just not interested in drawing anything racy. Also no offensive/insulting/impolite stuff. I'm not interested in making fun of anyone either.

4) Please allow between 3-5 weeks for delivery. If I think it'll be longer, I'll let you know. Sometimes a bunch get sold at once, and it takes time to work through them at an acceptable level of quality, while still juggling regular illustration work. I'll ship these flat, swaddled up like the precious little babies they are.

5) This is a piece of original art, which you will now own forever. But this purchase in no way constitutes release, assignation, or license, in whole or in part, of rights to use the work in any form, except for the purposes of "check out this cool thing I just got." To put it another way: if you're thinking, "hey I can get him to draw a spot illustration I'll use in my magazine" then that would not be kosher. I'm a professional illustrator, so if you need work done that you'll want usage rights to, this is not the way to go.

6) To reiterate: most of all I want to do a drawing that I'm proud of and that I think you'll like. But I make no guarantees of any kind, and reserve the right to do whatever I feel like. This rarely happens, but just to have it in there. If you have any questions, email me at dustyATdharbinDOTcom and we'll work it out.

Okay! Let's DO this!

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